Monday, May 21, 2007

There is an Interesting Phenomenon Occurring

There is something very interesting happening on the web. There is a grass root's effort to have Al Gore run for president. It started in California (according to the first few that 'signed') and is spreading like a wildfire across the country. The draftgore site has more than 80,100 signatures (over eighty thousand one hundred as of this writing) from people of almost every state, writing and begging him to run for President. The only states I did not see represented were - Alaska, North and South Dakota and Wyoming.

There are die-hard republicans who have never voted for anyone other than a republican, now asking him to run and promising they, and their voting family, will back him. There are people from other countries saying they are applying for American citizenship so they can vote for him.

"I have been a republican for 60 years but you will have my vote if you will run. Our nation needs you. The world needs you. Our planet needs you" - this is a direct quote.

Many are furious with the corruption and disregard for the constitution this administration has shown. Many are begging him to run so their grandchildren will have a world to live in. Many are volunteering, now, before he even says he will run, to help his campaign.

I find this interesting because, even though we have censored news, the average American seems so disgusted with what news is leaking out, and the propaganda being fed to us, that they willing to commit a personal effort to change it. They feel he is the only hope for this country and this world. They feel he will restore Americas' true image and instead of the rest of the world hating us, they will welcome us back into the world community.

Anyone interested can go to the draftgore site and read the comments for themselves.



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