Friday, May 18, 2007

Should We Grant Amnesty To Illegal Aliens?

Amnesty is not an option in regard to illegal aliens because it is more than likely that a good portion of those illegal aliens committed a crime within our Country and was never caught. In reality, it's not really amnesty, but a pardon. You know, like the pardon Richard Nixon got from his fellow Republican, Ford. We all know that Republicans always were faithful to business people.

In order to prosper, big business needs a whole lot of new customers to mortgage to the hilt and drown in an ocean of debt. Banks and lending institutions prosper from tens of millions of interest dollars they get from those people.

Then again, how in the World are we ever going to be safe walking on the street, or even within our homes if violent street gangs are allowed to continue as they have since Puerto Rico was given a chance for Statehood way back in 1959. Well, that Country, after several votes by its population, still hasn't approved it. But they get to come here free and clear of any immigration laws.

Believe it or, that's not the only Country to reject Statehood. The Philippines also rejected Statehood after we freed them from Japan. The big difference is that those people made many positive contributions to our society, and they didn't force themselves into our Country any way that they could like the people from South of our border have in the past and continue to do.

Since that time the gang mentality set in and nothing good was a result. Who in their right mind would grant a pardon to people who have brought illegal drugs into our Country and/or sold that poison to our children? How many of our children are beat up, stabbed, killed or otherwise threatened by those gang people?

Then too, how many of our senior citizens are victims of street crimes because that terrible situation is allowed to continue? What about the tens of billions of dollars of damage caused by such violent people? How much grief and suffering did they cause to our society? I know many people who were truly hurt and amnesty won't ease the pain of those people. Compared to this problem, the Arab Terrorist problem is nothing in terms total damage and victims.

The only real difference is that the Arab Terrorists' victims were rich or very well off, and we victims of gang crimes are just average working people who expect their Government to also see to their safety and welfare.

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