Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Reality with Humanitarian Efforts

So often folks give money, volunteer or travel half way around the world for a cause - of course I am not naive to the world and also realize our national interests, which must coincide with and compliment the humanitarian aspect. My thinking is that with proper planning you can do both and all. You can help people and fix the real problems while simultaneously keeping an eye on national security interests too.

One thing which often bothers me is that once we start bribing two-bit dictators they learn the extortion game and keep asking for more money. If we keep paying them, the inflation of payment amount continues and they never spend the money on anything that they should? But what can you expect from Machiavellian thieves, liars and dictators?

Since the world works on guns, drugs, arms, human trade, diamonds, gold, oil and cold hard cash some of this BS, is unfortunately a pragmatic choice that makes you cringe, yet in reality there often is no other way. I often do not like the World we live in, or most humans, but the reality is there indeed.

Of course if you open your mouth or get too much attention, they will intervene. In the end a system which is so set on control of the pie will have less and less of it. If the pie is expanded giving up some control will actually make the pie bigger and the slice you control more. It is a catch 22 game of protectionism and control VS. opportunity and innovation.

If the game were played at a higher level, we could solve all the problems, without compromising our values too much. It is not my job to make excuses for anyone or the the NGOs of the World or the nations who send money and aid, you see I am retired. I know these things go on all the time; it is not a pretty world out there.

Indeed, I believe that the humanitarian efforts if done correctly do serve a greater purpose. I also believe greater cooperation ought to be in place so the end result is the best for all concerned. I only care about solving problems, but if no one wants the problems solved, then why waste the time. Are you interested in writing about how to fix the situation there?


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