Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Robert G. Allen Real Estate Scam? Complete Review of the Robert Allen Institute

Robert G. Allen is a seminar face man who's become popular through his real estate training presentations. Over the span of nearly two decades Robert G. Allen has authored many books on buying property with no money down.

Robert G. Allen has been accused of marketing his materials to people lacking real estate experience. He can make anyone feel like they will be able to profit by simply following his plan. However, much of the info that Robert Allen teaches can be found in disposable e-books.

Allen's past customers have scores of reasons for calling his setup a Robert G. Allen Scam. The Robert G. Allen Institute and his reps use a number of cheap selling tricks at their seminars. I've been told that Robert G. Allen even cries at the podium just to get more people to buy into his program.

Further allegations claim that Allen doesn't make his money from real estate deals but primarily from acting as a seminar front man. Robert G. Allen has also been involved in other marketing schemes. For example he was behind advertising vitamins and a multiple streams of internet income

I had an opportunity to check out Robert G. Allen's internet learning book. I can say it was not something that contributed to my online business. Throughout the book he focused on how easy it was for him to make close to 90 thousand dollars in one day.

However the thing he skipped over is that he got this done by selling to his opt in list, one that took years and thousand of dollars to create. It's also something that's not readily available to most folks looking to
start an online business.

Overall, Robert G. Allen's bad reputation trails him for a reason, mostly because he's proven to be untrustworthy. There were even rumors going around that his company's bankruptcy was declared to avoid paying increasing refund demands.

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